Reaching through the dream

Posted: May 20, 2013 by jennyleelee in Jenny's Words
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Dreams. When you google “dreams,” you get the definition of sleep—namely how to interpret the images you see while you’re sleeping.

Just goes to show you that even searching for a dream doesn’t mean that you’ll find what you’re really looking for. And, honestly, my sleep dreams are mostly stress induced. My best dreams tend to be the ones I fantasize about while I’m awake and functional.

My dreams vary from day to day and shift from subject to subject, but I blame that on wanting a lot out of the time I have to explore those dreams. I want so much out of my life and I have allotted time to achieve those moments…but I can want as much as I’d like. The problem I run into is the capability factor. You know, the “hey I’m actually capable and I should put some effort into this dream” thing. Ultimately, if I’m going to actually feel the dream leave my fantasy and enter the reality that I have made with my life, then I need to make the actual steps towards it.

No one else can do that for me. No one else can encourage me to do it if I won’t move. No one else can flatter me enough to try harder. It’s all on me.

Now, the problem that I constantly run into is the commitment to myself. I constantly tell myself that it’s a silly notion to think that I could actually achieve what I crave because, come on now, who would really want to read what I have to say? Who would actually care? Why do I care if people actually care?

Because, if people don’t care, then my dream is just a figment. Just a fragment. Just a moment lost in my mind. Because, if I care that I become successful with my dream, then I might be disappointed to hear that I’m not the reflection of a diamond’s potential, but the darkness of the rough surrounding the gleam.

In all honesty, I do hear the ridiculous doubt in myself, in my ability to try, and the eyes immediately start rolling around.  I know I need to stop questioning my ability to achieve what I think I might really want. I know that I need to let myself praise my work, so that maybe I can see the goodness in it. So that maybe I can become the light that I so wish to be. After all, the only thing holding me back from that sparkle is me.

I’m sure every dreamer feels this way. So, how do we jump start the confidence and leave behind all the “poor me for not being good enough because I’m too afraid that I’ll fail horribly” attitude?

Maybe the start is to simply stop fearing the end, and enjoy the hope from the beginning. Or, maybe it’s as simple as letting myself believe in the dream as fully as I do while I’m sleeping—by letting the dream be real enough to feel like I can hold onto it.

Then again, I’d like to start being the person I’m meant to be. No more maybe this, maybe that. It’s simply time. It’s now time to stop liking the idea and actually step toward it.

It’s time to stop questioning myself.

    • jennyleelee says:

      Thank you! I loved your input about how being positive requires an active mind to stay that way. Very, very true! Although happiness is fun to feel, it also takes effort to be that way. 🙂

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  4. Matthew Ridenour says:

    From incessantly rewriting your first chapters to nearly finishing a full first draft, it’s amazing how hard you’ve worked. That dream is becoming more tangible by the moment.

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  9. Karen says:

    If you do question yourself, give yourself a realistic answer…there’s a lot of us who believe in your dreams. They are definately worth having!

    For whatever it’s worth, learning to enjoy the journey, rather than worrying about the destination, really is half the battle.

    • jennyleelee says:

      Your words are worth so much, Karen!

      This blog was really an effort to show that I realize how silly it is to doubt yourself because that defeats the purpose of life…which is to just move forward and keep trying at what being the person you so wish to become.

      It’s also wrapped within the idea that most dreamers doubt themselves when they shouldn’t waste time on that and simply keep trying. No one got anywhere by simply staring at the road, wondering. 🙂

      Thank you for your wonderful support!

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  11. You have lots of sparkle already, Jenny! 🙂

    A writing blog I follow mentioned that in their writing group, they charge $5 from everyone who says self-deprecating things about their own submissions… Something we all have to be mindful of sometimes!

    • jennyleelee says:

      You know, it would definitely curb my perfectionist nature (at least out loud) 😉

      Thank you for your kind words! This blog was my attempt to acknowledge that it’s a waste of my effort to worry about what hasn’t even happened yet…to let fear guide my journey instead of adventure!

      I couldn’t have come this far without all of my dear friends’ support, and that is invaluable to me. So, thank you for that!! 🙂

  12. sryeager says:

    When you are old, do you want to look back on the things you haven’t done, or the things you have done?

    Fear is the mind killer… fear is the little death. – Herbert.

    I’m impressed by your writing and I enjoy reading it.

    • jennyleelee says:

      Absolutely! Fear is very limiting and keeps us from becoming what we are destined to become. 🙂

      Thank you for the ongoing support! I’ll have my goal reached with a finished novel here soon! (see? Taking my own advice. Yes!)

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