Who Are We?

Stonehenge is an imaginative fiction group from writers who write about…well…writing.  (Thank you, StoryWonk!)  We meet weekly in the Sacramento area to improve our craft and storytelling by critiquing and reviewing submissions – with the goal of publishing both indie and traditionally.  (You can view Our Library for a list of published works.)

We come from many walks of life – all with our own ideas and experiences.  From Flash Fiction to epic series, from Romance to Horror, from Fantasy to Literary, each genre and style allows our authors to offer something unique and interesting.  We hope you get as much out of this blog as we do.

If you strive to find your voice, we’ll take that journey with you.  If you want to know more about the industry, seek answers here.  If solid character and world-building are interests to you, don’t be afraid to post.  Questions about the Hero’s Journey?  Outlining versus Discovery?  Grammar and sentence structure?  Or do you simply want to know how to stay motivated?  From our pool of experience, we will answer your questions with variety so you can choose which style works best for you.  And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll point you in the right direction.

But, this blog isn’t exclusively about how to write.  (Fortunate for us all!)  We’ll have fun sharing stories, discussing books and movies, and we’ll toss around everything else we find interesting or humorous.

Any successful group promotes positive friendships and relationships, so we’re open to discussing what’s going on in your life, reading some of your poetry, or even reviewing a slice of your epic Fantasy manuscript. This blog isn’t really the place to hammer out scientific, political, religious, or philosophical issues, but we will talk about that if it’s in your writing. On the other hand, Stonehenge is definitely the place to post funny critiques and writing related links.  Have fun, and happy writing!

  1. I know you’re a writing group but I always look forward to new posts from Stonehenge Writers. Therefore I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. The other nominations and rules for participation are at http://aprobertsstories.wordpress.com/awards/super-sweet/

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