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20130122-123644.jpg Secrets in the Dark: by Karen Blakely. Be Careful What You Wish For…

Hiding from bullies in the town cemetery seemed like a good idea. Right up until we fell through a creepy secret doorway into a magic land called Chimera.

Amazon: Secrets in the Dark


20130122-124609.jpg Chicken Nuggets: by Steve R. Yeager. Jesse wanted to get home to his family and watch the football game on TV. Cory wanted to get a coffee without having to wait in line. Evelyn wanted to find someone she could believe in.

…and science wanted to create a better chicken.

Blood covered the streets of the emptied cities. Survival became their only common goal.

Amazon: Chicken Nuggets

20130122-125109.jpg Pucker Up: by R.A. Gates. Ivy doesn’t want to kiss a dead guy.

The seventeen-year-old witch always thought that breaking a curse with True Love’s Kiss was the ultimate romantic gesture in fairy tales. But when she has to plant one on a prince who’s been dead for 200 years, it’s just gross.

Nevertheless, if Ivy wants to help keep her town hidden from witch-hunting Eradicators, kiss him she must. She just has to find him first. After putting up with dragons, vampires and one too many necrophilia jokes from Garren— the annoying and NOT hot, self-appointed body guard— will she take one for the team and PUCKER UP?

Amazon: Pucker Up

Short Stories and Novellas:

20130122-125702.jpg The Tenth Life of Mr. Whiskers: by R.A. Gates. Mr. Whiskers is dead– Muerto– Shuffled off his mortal coil.

All Laney had to do was watch the store and feed the cat. Too bad she hadn’t known there was a cat.

Amazon: The Tenth Life of Mr. Whiskers


20130122-130211.jpg Poetic Trash: by Kody Kline. Rants and raves from the younger days of life, love, misery, and woe– leading to spiritual awakening. Not so much poetry, but thoughts and words and a bit of madness.

Amazon: Poetic Trash


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