To become a better writer, I am challenging myself to become a better reader. In the past, my reading time was limited between my son’s at-bats during his little league games and waiting in the car to pick my daughter up from band practice. So you can imagine that not a lot of books were completed. This year, I resolve to change that. Now, I’m not going to promise to read 100 books, or even one a week. I gotta have some time to take care of my three kids and write my next novel, Lip Smacked. But reading for an hour before bed every night is a realistic goal I can achieve. Whether I read a YA urban fantasy, books on writing or tackling a classic, I will read every day. And some time during the year, I will finish reading The Count of Monte Cristo because according to Matt and Kody, it’s freaking awesome! Yeah, we’ll see._48034224_neilgaiman

In addition, I’d also like to read all of Neil Gaiman’s books. Why Neil Gaiman, you ask? Because he’s hot and looks like he could be Severus Snape’s younger brother. (And if you don’t know who Severus Snape is, I really feel sorry for you.) Plus, Neil’s just an all-around cool guy. Right now, I’m reading Coraline to my five-year-old daughter, Angela, so that will soon be crossed off the list.

What are you planning to read this year?

  1. Rien Reigns says:

    Definitely love Gaiman. I may do the same thing, though I’ve already read most of his books. I also highly recommend The Count of Monte Cristo. I listened to the audiobook over a year ago, keep in mind though that if that’s the route you choose, it’s over 40 hours long, though if you can multi-task, it works.

  2. Good luck with your reading goals!

    Neil Gaiman does seem to be the World’s Coolest Author. Not my favorite by any means, but the World’s Coolest. I’d recommend Stardust as a good one to read. It’s a sweet fantasy (not spooky like Coraline!), and a good “Gateway Gaiman.” 🙂 The Graveyard Book is also excellent.

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